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One Year

One year ago today Ms. Riva came home with me from the SPCA.  

I realize now that I had my mind set on a calico.  I thought I was going to get a quiet, placid cat similar to my beloved Gypsy (who I still miss dearly) but instead I got a rambunctious, playful, curious, talkative prima donna who makes me laugh every single day.  That is to say when she is not climbing in cabinets, exploring the fire place, jumping out at me as I move around the apartment or whapping me on the side of the head because she wants to play.  And let’s not forget that one instance when she was so very mad at me for clipping her nails that she gave me the cat slap of my life and then stomped off.    

One year down and many more adventures to go.


Summer 3

This week was marked with finally being productive.  I started to get my apartment under control (although it is right back to messy), I cleaned out the bathroom closet and drawers, installed my new bathroom decorations which have been sitting in my dining room for a few months now and finally managed to do some laundry.

Also Mr. Boyfriend and I got to see Eddie Izzard perform and it was fantastic (as expected).

Summer 2

This week was busy but much less stressful than last week.

Saturday I went to the Little Mermaid with work friends to help celebrate a co-workers birthday.  We met at Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and then headed over to the show.  Little Mermaid is not my favorite of the Disney movies, but I always love a musical and I particularly enjoyed the way TUTS portrayed the underwater swimming.

Sunday Mr. Boyfriend and I threw our bikes in his truck and drove over to Bayshore Park in Bacliff and rode our bikes around the neighborhood streets.  I love riding my bike and I could really feel it that evening.

Starting Monday was a three day conference going over the Charms Office system.  Charms is used for music program management (among other things).  I’ve been using it for a few years, but not to its fullest potential.  They have a yearly conference and since it was in Houston I was able to go with help from my school district.  I am so glad that I went.  I feel like I have a better handle on the financial section and got many ideas from other attendance conferees.  So that I didn’t have to drive an hour and a half one way for three days I got a hotel room on Tuesday night, the night of their evening event.  

I stayed in a Candlewood Suites.  Even though I was just there for one night,  I was very impressed with all the amenities of an extended stay hotel.  Full size refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, two burner stove, pots, pans, dishes, glasses, free laundry service and so on.  House cleaning is just once a week, but you can pay extra for more service.  

The rest of Wednesday and all of Thursday, I have enjoyed being lazy which is so easy with the wonderful rain we’ve had the last few days.  I’ve also started two new apps to help track my food and exercise.  Onward to week 3!

Charms Office
Candlewood Suites
Map My Fitness

Summer 1

Remember my list of all the summer things I was going to do? Yeah, I didn’t do much of that.  But I WAS productive.

Summer Week 1

Ended the school year by going to three different graduation parties.  It was interesting to see the different approaches each family provided and it was fun to celebrate with the students. 

Mr. Boyfriend and I finally visited Schlitterbahn in Galveston together.  He had never been and we had a great time. 

Miss Kitty visited the vet for her yearly shots.  It was an ORDEAL.  To say that being in the carrier freaks her out is an understatement.  

I visited my allergist, my dentist and ended up at my primary care for a blood pressure/anxiety problem.  Controlling both of those things have been added to my summer list. 

So this first week of vacation hasn’t been exactly relaxing.  Next week is going to be busy, but hopefully more on the happy busy side than the stressful busy side.

Blog Post: Summer List
Schlitterbahn Galveston
Video: Riva is Unhappy

Summer List

Having two months off is surprisingly difficult for an anxiety ridden person such as myself.  I need to keep myself busy and I need some checks and balances.  Thus the summer list.  A list of things that I can work on during the summer.   I won’t get to them all, but when those feelings surface I have a reference to keep myself busy.  I’ll post weekly about my progress.  In no particular order:

* Debuggify my patio.  
Wasps, bees and more.  Apparently it is THE place to be.

* Reorganize bathroom closet

* Put in new bathroom decorations.
You know.. the ones that have been sitting in your house for a month and a half.

* Finish decorating the bathroom.

* Reorganize bedroom closet shelves.

* Get real about the clothes hanging in my closet.  Time to purge!

* Go shopping for comfortable work shoes.

* Buy a kayak.

* Replace the ugly lamps in the bedroom.

* Create earring organizer/display.

* Buy new bed linens for bed.

* More than once weekly exercise.

* Visit HMNS and MFAH.  It’s been WAY too long. 

* Play my long neglected ukelele.

* Books, books, books.  

* Get crafty at least once a week.

* Eating out will be very minimal.  Cook, cook, cook.

(I am going to collect craft and recipe ideas in my Summer 2014 Pinterest Board).

* Take a water aerobics class.

* Buy a new bird feeder.

* Buy new swimsuits.

* Work things.

I’ll add more to this list as I think of them.  Already on my calendar are a 3 day conference on a software program I use at work, the Little Mermaid, Eddie Izzard, visiting my Mom, visiting my Aunt and Grandma, the Blacklight 5K run/walk, doctors visits (blech) and catching up with Cosmos, Once Upon a Time, Agents of Shield, and House of Cards (priorities people!).


Summer is nearly upon me.  Today was the last day with students and my last work day is next Friday.  My two months are already filling up with conferences, events, trips, etc.  I am determined to enjoy this break since I was moving last summer and moving is never enjoyable.

I have decided this is going to be the summer of Pinterest.  I have no idea what that means but I like the sound of it.  Cooking?  Crafts?  Decorating?  Gardening?  Who knows.  But I want to be creative, crafty and productive.  I also want to spend as much time looking at the water as I can.

Bring it summer.